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Wellness Coach

Alyssa Gedeon

After a decade in corporate, I started chasing my inner bliss. I ate, prayed and volunteered in Bali. I successfully completed both a health coaching program and a life coaching program.


Integrative Coaching

I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach and a Certified Integrative Life Coach. However, I call myself a Wellness Coach. I’m interested in simplifying the labels.

Your Highest

My strength lies in helping clients develop their personal spiritual practice while aligning with their highest calling.


Create a Life
that Takes Your Breath Away

Seeing the ability and beauty in others gifts and talents is an awe-inspiring experience. We are surrounded by so many incredibly gifted individuals. You are one of them. Through a series of meetings, we will talk about what you love, what you don’t love and figure out how to create a life that takes your breath away.

My Joys

I live in Naples, Florida with my husband and my dog, Toby the Tibetan Terrier. My favorite things to do are walk on the beach, practice yoga, paint and listen to music. I believe that people have seasons in life. Sometimes we need help to get us on the path that is leading us to our fulfillment. I find great joy in watching others walk the path to fulfillment.


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